Islam's History

Islamic Clothing

Muslim's wear many different types of clothing. The women wear a garment that has to cover their whole body (Berkas).  They were only allowed to show their skin to other women, husbands, fathers, father-in-law, sons, husband's son(s), brothers, brother's sons, sister's sons, male servants, important slaves, and small children. The women cannot wear any transparent or light colored clothing. They cannot wear tight clothing and their clothing cannot resemble the men's. They wear an abaya which is a long garment that would be worn over the clothing underneath. They also wear a jilbab, which is garment that can be worn like a dress usually with trousers underneath, a dupatta, a long rectangular scarf that is worn over the shoulder's or over the neck or over the head, a hijab, a square folded into triangles that is pinned, knotted or wrapped around the neck. Finally, they wear a iniqab, which is a veil that goes over their face. It can cover the whole face, anything but the eyes, it can only cover the forehead, or eyes or it can only cover the mouth.
Men wear trousers that go down to the lower part of the leg. It can go above the ankle, but not below because it creates vanity and catches dirt. They also wear shirts or robes. The most commonly worn robe is a single, long robe that covers most of the body. It is said to have been worn by the Holy Prophet. They also wear socks or stockings for protection against heat, cold and shrubs. They are told by the Holy Prophet to put the right shoe on first and then the left and vice-versa for taking off. Men also wear a turban or cap. They would wear a cap depending on the weather. When it is hot they use it for it's thin material. When it's cold they use it to cover their ears. The Prophet either wore a black turban or a white turban depending on the website you use. The Prophet was said to have worn white and green colors to show his purity. Though, if you use a vibrant white it would require constant cleaning. The Prophet had said that white would be the color you would wear to the grave. One website said that men could not wear red because it was indecent, while another website said you could wear any color you wanted to

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