Islam's History

Islamic Nomads

The people who didn’t live in towns were nomads. These nomadic tribes were made up mainly of tough and independent men. They never changed any ways of doing things, and they were also very serious. To be a Nomad, you didn't need to read and write, but you did need to know how to fight and protect yourself and others. The older people in the tribe were the ones in charge. Local news that was bad would bother them, but far away bad news wouldn't. Everything was based on the tribes. The people that the nomads worshiped were Jinns, which were spirits of the desert (water, trees, wind etc...). Nomads would take care of animals such as camels, sheep, and goats. They would take the animals and travel from place to place to get food and water, then once all the food was gone from one area, they’d move to the next. Bedouins would get milk, cheese, yogurt, and sometimes meat from their animals. They also would get wool for clothes, blankets, tents, etc. The other items that they would get, were things that were traded. Some villages were created just for people like the Bedouins to rest, and there was also marketplaces in some towns for them to trade things. Sometimes the nomads would like an oasis and basically become farmers and live there to grow plants such as peaches and dates. They also used Palm trees for wood to make houses, trunks for water pipes, leaves for roofs, and for many more purposes.

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