Islam's History

Islamic Weapons



Scimitar -  The scimitar is like a curved sword. The scimitar was most commonly used by a rider on horseback. That is because it is light and curved so that it could easily slice enemies and not get stuck. Scimitars were used by other religions and first known dates of Islams using them were in the 9th century.

Sabre (Saber) -  The Sabre is a sword that is normally curved with a large hand guard. Unlike the scimitar the sabre was used for foot soldiers. It was normally heavier than the scimitar and was made for thrusting, not slicing.


Arabian - The Arabian horses were usually slim and fast. They had fabrics on them with writing on, such as Allah ak-bar which means god is great. There was nothing special about their horses.


The shields were round and had a “boss” in the middle. Around that there were sometimes little bumps of metal. The shields were completely made out of metal and were slung over the back if not in battle.


Mamluk - A mamluk is a helmet which is normally worn under a turban. The mamluk was made out of metal with designs on it. Also sometimes there is gold, silver and other metals like that on it.


Chain mail - Chain mail armour is a bunch of little metal hooks, tightly hooked together which makes it hard to poke blades through and strong. It was almost like a sweatshirt that you would put over your shirt (normally made of a hard material) just for extra protection. The Muslims got these by trading with the Christians then making them themselves.

Legs and Arms Armour

Legs - On their legs, they wore large leather boots. Sometimes they were loose enough to store something such as a dagger inside. Also they would go up to their knees or higher and were made of strong leather.

Arms - They wore strong gloves that would protect their hands, since the arms were covered in chainmail.

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