Islam's History

Muhammad, Mohammad

 "Childhood" ~ Muhammad was born in 570 C.E. in Mecca. Before Muhammad was born his father (Abdullah) died. So Muhammad was considered an orphan. Yes. he did still have his mother. but they aren't considered family, because without a father they are not complete. So Muhammad never had any friends because he was a orphan and no one liked orphans. So his mother (Bibi Aamina) sent him to the desert for "real" Arab culture. When Muhammad came back from his trip his mother (Bibi Aamina) had died. So then he was sent to his grandfather (Muttabib). But then his grandfather (Muttabib) died. By then people started to think that Muhammad was cursed. BUT they could not leave him in the streets. So he was given to his uncle (Abu Talib). Luckily his uncle did not die. Also he gained his first true friend Ali ibn Talib (his cousin). Also Abu Talib was in a clan so he gained protection.
"Adulthood" ~ Muhammad was illiterate, but he was a talker. So he became a clan-dispute mediator. Muhammad gained attention from this and Khadija who owned a large trading business asked him to work for her, Muhammad said yes. After a few years Muhammad and Khadija fall in love and get married (Khadija is 20 years older than Muhammad). So from a orphan he is now married, wealthy and has a family. In 610 Muhammad went to a mountain cave to meditate. There he was met by an angel. The angel told him that he was God's (Allah)  Last Messenger. And that is because Abraham, Moses and Jesus turned their backs on him. So passage by passage the angel recited the Qur'an into his ear. Then Muhammad had to spread the word.
"Teachings": Muhammad called this new religion Islam. Islam was the submission to the will of Allah. First Muhammad preached this new religion to Khadija, Ali ibn Talib and their servant. After that Muhammad starting preaching to people who wanted to listen. One thing is Allah was the ONLY god. Also that the social ladder would be flipped. This meant that women, poor and weak would live in paradise (Heaven) and rich people would go "down". His reasoning about this was that rich people already had their paradise, that is now in life. And that women, poor and weak did not have their paradise in life, so they will have it in paradise (Heaven). Also, if you are rich, you should help the women, widows, orphans, the weak and the poor because then you will be helping them. BUT Allah can see in your heart, so just don't do it because you want to go to paradise (Heaven). Do it because you know that they need help. This caused Muhammad to have new enemies and followers.

569 Death of Muhammad's father, Abdallah

570 Birth of Muhammad in April

576 Death of Muhammad's mother

578 Death of Muhammad's grandfather

595 Muhammad marries Khadijah

610 First reports of Qur'anic revelation

613 Begins spreading message of Islam publicly

614 Begins to gather following in Mecca

615 Emigration of Muslims to Ethiopia

616 Start of Banu Hashim clan boycott

618 Civil war in Medina

619 End of Banu Hashim clan boycott

619 Death of Khadijah, Muhamad's wife.

620 Isra and Miraj journeys

622 The Hijra: Muhammad and his followers emigrate to Medina

624 The battle of Badr: Muslims defeat Meccans; expulsion of Banu Qaynuqa Jews

625 Battle of Uhud: Meccans defeat Muslims; expulsion of Banu Nadir Jews

626 Attack on Dumat al-Jandal (Syria)

627 Battle of the Trench; destruction of Banu Qurayza Hews

627 Subjugation of Dumat al-Jandal

628 Treaty of Hudaybiyya; Muhammad and the Muslims are permitted to visit Mecca and the Kaaba shrine

628 Capture of the Jewish town of Khaybar

629 First hajj pilgrimage to Mecca

629 Attack on Byzantine empire fails: Battle of Mu'tah

630 Muslims attack and capture Mecca

630 Battle of Hunayn

630 Siege of Taif

632 Muslims attack the Ghassanids: Tabuk

632 Muhammad dies about June 8 in Medina

 1. Those who disbelieve and bar from God's way - God will render all their deeds in vain.
2. While those who believe and do good, righteous deeds, who believe in what has been sent on Muhammad - and it is the truth from their Lord - He will blot out from their evil deeds.
3. That is because those who disbelieve follow falsehood, while those who believe follow the truth from their Lord. Thus, God expounds to people what they are like.
4. So when you meet those who disbelieve in war, smite at their necks. At length, when you have sufficiently suppressed them, bind a firm bond of captivity on them. Then set them free either as a favor without demanding anything in return, or for ransom, so that the war may lay down its burdens. That. Had God so willed, He would certainly exact retribution from them, but in order to try you by means of another. As for those who were killed in God's cause, He will never render their deeds in vain.
5. He will guide them and set their conditions right for them,
6. And He will admit them into Paradise, that He will have made completely known for them.
7. O you who believe! If you help God He will help you and make your feet firm.
8. But those who disbelieve: collapse and perdition are their lot, and He will render all their deeds in vain.
9. This is because they are averse to that which God has sent down, and so He causes their deeds to go to waste.
10. Have they not traveled about the earth and seen what the outcome was for those who came before them? God brought utter devastation upon them; and the unbelievers, the like of their fate awaits.
11. This is because God surely is the Guardian of those who believe, but those who disbelieve have no guardian.

Al-Ahqaf (Part 26, Surah 46)"

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