Islam's History

The Qur'an

The Qur'an is a book first of all. Spelled two ways Qur'an and Koran. The Qur'an is a book that was written by followers of Muhammad, who were literate. We know that Muhammad did not write it because he was illiterate. But since it was first made in 651 CE, it has never been changed. There are various interpretations, but the text is EXACTLY the same.
The book itself contains 114 surah's, each with a different meaning. Such as surah 72 which talks about Jinns. Also the Qur'an holds a lot of pages and has multiple looks. Here in America, they are all covered and say things like "The Qur'an" and stuff. While in Arabia it basically looks like a bunch of paper jumbled together. No title page, no little pictures, nothing like that.
The Qur'an was written like the bible. Telling people how to do things if they are followers. Such as how they cannot eat pork or drink alcohol. And how women should not show their skin to anyone non-related. 
Unfortunately, some people think the Qur'an is like a terrorist manual. And it says like bombs = good, no Americans = good. And stuff like that. BUT the few that have read it, know that it is not. And that's what I think makes the difference.

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